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Zhafyarov, Akryam Zhafyarovich
Elective course “Linear Equations, Inequalities, Systems and Populations. Parameters and USE” = Элективный курс "Линейные уравнения, неравенств, системы и совокупности. Параметры и ЕГЭ " : teaching aid / A. Zh. Zhafyarov ; NSPU.  - Novosibirsk : NSPU, 2012. - 135 p. - URL: https://icdlib.nspu.ru/views/icdlib/761/read.php (дата обращения: 04.12.2023) . - ISBN 978-5-85921-908-7. - Текст : электронный
Дата окончания договора: 31 декабря 2099 года
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The handbook is created with the purpose of helping the teachers and students preparing for USE that will be introduced in every Russian school beginning from 2009. Special attention is paid to the problems with parameters of level С, because five such problems give 33 points of 100 point score for all tasks of USE. Al-though mainly the first power is examined here, it doesn’t reduce the importance of this theme, because the problems with superior power variables could be solved by reduction to the first power. The methodical part is also worth special attention. It contains: programs of lessons, creative tasks, electronic examiner and consultant, tasks for independent work, answers and directions to them

ЕГЭ по математике
линейные уравнения
педагогика школ
труды преподавателей НГПУ
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